Dawn of the blogging

Welcome all,

So it seems this is my new blog for my BCM course. I’ve often thought about starting a blog but I’ve never got around to it… till now (Guess it had something to do with my profound ability to get sidetracked easily).

Firstly a little about me. My name is Ralphie but most call me Ralph. I’m a communications and media studies student and am interested in how information is expanding and how that affects us. I love gaming, from Pokemon to Devil May Cry, I play the acoustic guitar and spend ridiculous amounts of time on Youtube. I also love films, from horror to romance, comedy to documentary, Hollywood blockbuster to low-budget atrocities, I’ll watch it all… And probably make fun of it (What was that someone said about getting sidetracked easily?).

To make a long story slightly longer, I hope you find some interest in my hardly justified nonsense and I’m keen to see where this takes us.


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