Books? TVs? Game Consoles? Do You Mean My Modern Media Platform?

Would you argue if I said people enjoy parties because we like to group things, such as our friends, together in one convenient place?

What about grouping together all our favourite forms of media on one convenient platform?

This City Needs a Hero! Enter: The Prosumer

Some thoughts to get the ball rolling (Click Here to watch in Youtube)

We are in an age of media convergence.  In the past there was a clear separation between the three main elements of convergence, the Audience, the Industry and Technology. With the move from analog to digital that most media platforms seem to be following nowadays, technology has evolved into something that enables the audience as opposed to restrict them, allowing the consumer and the producer to merge supporting a new generation of ‘prosumers’.

Let Me Look Up a Terrible Phone Joke On My iDroid

Do me a favor and look at your phone. Most of the people reading this will have some kind of smart phone or know someone that owns one. A small few may even be viewing this article on a smart phone.
“I thought we were talking about convergence. Why am I staring at my phone?”
Well, the smart phone is a prime example of a media platform born from convergence. 20 years ago, one would go to a cinema to watch a movie or buy a newspaper to read the news but with these forms of media converging, we can do so much without having to leave our homes or even our beds.
Remind you of anything?

From Words and Concepts to Whole Phrases: Yay! We’re Learning

With all this ‘Converging’ and ‘Prosuming’ we have begun to find that , “the medium is the message” (Federman 2004). What does that mean? It’s a phrase first stated by Marshal Mcluhan that identifies that the content of a platform is so dependent on it’s medium that the medium influences the message found in the content.

Mcluhan and his “medium is the message” phrase (click Here to watch in Youtube)


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