The Best Offence is a Good Apple

The evolution of mobile phones

Defence vs Offence

Apple vs Android

Closed and controlled vs Open and free

In the Dawn of Time…

Believe it or not but phones weren’t always tiny and portable, some of you might remember how cool it was to carry a brick that you could talk into if you were a fancy business man. Well, even before that ‘mobile’ phones were even bigger. During early World War II, mobile radio phones were carried on the backs of horses. In a short amount of time, before the war even ended, mobile radio phones had become small enough to carry on a humans back. By 1983 the first generation of mobile cell phone was created. Then in 1992 the 2nd generation of mobile phone came. This used digital signal as opposed to the first gen that used analog. 2001 saw the first 3rd generation mobiles phones which had internet capabilities (Notice an increase in the evolution pace?). Finally 2007 and 2008 were the dawn of the first Iphone and the first Android respectively. Two Systems that are dominating the current market but where do we go from here?

Operating Systems Operated By Who?

First of all, let’s talk about philosophies,
Apple Inc. believes in the use of closed technologies. This means users must buy Apple approved content in Apple run stores to use onApple products. Their technology is locked so there can be no modification. The idea is that users will have to stay loyal to Apple and all their content can stay owned by Apple. This is good in that it allows Apple to build themselves ‘a good defence’, they are free from viruses and are protected from other companies stealing their products. It’s all about control.

Android Vs Apple

Now, as for Android,
Android is owned by Google and Google’s policy revolves round open sourcing and freedom to create. Want to use Adroid’s API to produce your own content? Go for it (Android APIs)! Ever wanted to embed Youtube into your app? Knock yourself out (Youtube APIs)! This means content for android is freely created by users. The users become ‘Prosumers’. Sure this opens up the operating system to viruses and misuse but anyone can make a defence from the very same viruses as well. Freedom to create.

Clash Of The Titans: Who Will Come Out On Top?

Freedom is good, does that make Apple evil and Android our savior? No.
I’ve always had Android phones and while I may be prone to viruses and I have to filter through junk apps before finding a real gem, the freedom to create as I please and customize to my hearts content appeals to me as a ‘techy type’. My Mum on the other hand, she’s always had an Iphone. She doesn’t want to create or customize, she just wants to use her Iphone as intended and she doesn’t have to worry about viruses. It all depends on personal circumstance.

An indication of trends in the smartphone market

As we can see in this table, Google has grown faster and shipped more smart phones than Apple so from a business standpoint Google is ahead. But we can also see Apple is still ahead of the remainder of the competition. Due to their strong control, Apple can not simply go down without a fight


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