Never Look Back, Use Reflections Instead

So it’s been 6 weeks since we started here on Hungry Digital Zombies.

What have we learnt from this experience?

what have we learnt from others?

You Learn Something New Every Day

Through me readings, lectures and tutorials, I have explored many concepts of media. Ideas and knowledge, some of which I already had a basic understanding of, Ideas that I had never considered before and information that has changed my perception of media. The concepts that have left the biggest impact on myself would have to be the public sphere and the role of media in society.

In week 5 we discussed the concept of a ‘public sphere’, a place for people to come together to discuss and debate modern affairs. I easily understood how talk shows like ‘The View’ and news programs such as ‘The 7:30 Report’ were mediated public spheres as they literally have people together, discussing and debating issues, and before my lecture, I thought of pop shows like ‘Jersey Shore’ and ‘Big Brother’ to be irrelevant brain rot. The lecture opened my eyes. These pop shows may not be in the most professional setting but that doesn’t stop them from highlighting issues in society such as racism, class separation and others that regular talk shows would be hesitant to cover.

Merlin Luck’s silent protest to free refugees got people talking about the issue of refugees.

One week that completely changed my view on it’s topic was week 6; media’s role in society. Specifically, the information on CCTV cameras. I used to think CCTV cameras were alright, ‘I’m not doing anything wrong so I don’t need to worry about them’. Upon discovering how shady ownership and copyright laws are on CCTV footage is, I began to rethink my ideals. admittedly, I made the false assumption that the cameras were there to lower crime rate or help catch culprits and that’s all they did. When looking into it, I discovered how the camera are used to manipulate and suppress the public. I will definitely be more critical of The State and it’s use of media from now on.

 More Brains Are Better Than One

I have been following my peers in the last 6 weeks and participated in the sharing of ideas. Reading my peers blogs have influenced me to ask questions and think about media from different perspectives. For example, media ownership. I wrote an article about media ownership focusing on the media moguls and their role in this concept, what I didn’t immediately consider was the audiences reaction to this. Being subject to a limited view of the world would an audience only develop that same limited view? Well, China has strong restrictions on what is shown to it’s public but China is always experiencing protests and revolt so this suggests that; no, major media can filter their content all they want, citizen journalism will always find a way to challenge the ideals presented in the limited views.

Citizen Journalism: The sharing of ideas and opinions is what gives it power

What Can The Future Hold?

I will continue to follow media issues and developments, over time and look forward to learning more in my lectures, from my peers blogs and research out of personal interest. I may hold my perceptions and ideals close but they are always open to questioning and influence.


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