I Found A Mirror And Myself In It

Looking back at my blog posts, I find myself learning from past experiences.

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considering the past few weeks and the plethora of topics I’ve covered in my posts, I find some to be more to my liking than others.
find my post, ‘All Hands On Deck‘ to be one of my more better posts. Not only was I motivated and energetic at the time, there seemed to be a lot of information that I incidentally enjoyed reading and discovering. I realise now that having a deep interest in the topic makes it easier to research and ultimately delve into and explain to others.
By far, my favourite post would have to be ‘Mixing Media‘ again it revolves around a topic I have a genuine interest in and wanted to learn more about but the tone of the post is much more relaxed. I love the idea of a remix culture and wanted to share my interests with an audience. There seems to be no better motivation.
Finally, The post ‘Sharing Is Caring, Or Is It‘ is a nice explanation of media conglometry and it’s effects. The images and video used illustrate my point well and I feel I managed to link the post to useful sources.

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Unfortunately not all my endeavours were as fruitful as planned. Trying to produce a post on on-line identity in ‘It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s An On-line Identity‘ was admittedly a bit of a struggle, simply because I hadn’t given much thought to on-line identities before and I actively avoided any trolling done by me or anyone else. I found a little depressing. Nevertheless I still learned things I didn’t previously know when researching the topic.
I believe with a bit of base knowledge on feminism and cyber-bullying I am more inclined to be aware of issues in this area

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I hope my readers learned a thing or two through this blog, after all, I did aim to introduce new ideas to others while exploring my own ideas and discovering new ones.
Also through reading other blog posts, I was introduced to ideas and perspectives on ideologies I already own.
‘Politics, I Get It’ is a post I found to be educational to myself when researching it. I hadn’t previously realised how many points of entry to politics there really are.

How I felt finalising ‘Mixing Media’

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