It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s An On-line Identity

Who are you when you’re online?

It can be hard to find out but when someone does you may find a very dark side of the internet.

“There Are No Girls On The Internet” -Misogynists of The Web

A phrase that is often affiliated with the phrase “tits or GTFO (get the f*ck out)“. Both are perfect examples of the ideal that the internet is for men and pornstars. Video games are generally aimed at stereotypical males and hence a a large portion of online gamers are male.

Male:Female gamer ratio

Previously this statistic was also quite relevant to the rest of the internet and that has started a mainly male on-line society. Nowadays the ratio is a little more even. Some would argue that it’s completely over turned.

If You’ve Got Nothing Nice To Say, Don’t Say Anything At All

Cyber-bullying and ‘trolling’ is when a group or individual over the internet harass someone else because of their sexuality, ethnicity, beliefs or in some cases for no apparent reason. People believe their presence on the internet is entirely anonymous, and it can be, but most of the time; comments, likes, e-mails, etc. can be traced back to their origin. This believed anonymity shows people at their darkest, generating death/ sexual abuse threats and other hateful material because they believe they are ‘policing’ or ‘punishing’ the target.

Hate mail can come in the form of threats of violence and/or sexual acts, as edited images or videos, or questionable statements

A popular example of how the internet can get so up in arms and violent over a female presence is the case of Boxxy. Boxxy is a personality played by Catherine Wayne. Her energetic vlogs shot to popularity on reddit and 4chan causing a ‘war’ between haters and fans. Boxxy recieved violent and sexual threats and was forced to leave the internet for a period of time in fear of her own safety.

Feminists Are Feared For A Reason

A feminist is someone who supports femininity. This can range from believing feminism is superior to masculinity to simply wanting equality between the two. Feminists are often attacked en mas on the internet possibly because they threaten what misogynist males believe to be their male sanctuary.

It would seem like there is an insurmountable amount of hatred on the web and this may be true but the web is so vast it would be foolish to think that there isn’t sunshine and happiness online. Unfortunately it would appear that vanquishing the hatred found so commonly on-line isn’t as easy as we would like it to be. Retaliating to trolling is only feeding the trolls and ignoring them is allowing them to continue to rampage. I ask why is there such a need for anonymity? While trollers may not always care about hiding their identities, less anonymity may make it easier to police those conducting the threats because after all, cyber bullying, sexism and racism IS actually illegal.


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