As Things Heat Up

It’s certainly been a while since my last post here on Hungry Digital Zombies.
Now I’m back and will be back for a while with an even bigger focus on Digital Networks in a global context and Audience interactions (Topics I’m currently engaged in as classes but also strong personal interests of mine).

What To Expect

As someone with a big interest in all things Youtube, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I will be focusing on content produsage and sharing online. As well as that, I will be engaging in a more prominent weekly topic as a response to my classes which also means Hungry Digital Zombies should be updating on a more regular weekly basis.

Where To Expect

Along side Hungry Digital Zombies, I will also have my twitter account; @RalphiePeerless, please feel free to follow me or tweet me what you thought of this weeks topic or blog. I will be tweeting regularly about each weeks topic and will link on twitter when a Hungry Digital Zombie post has been posted.

I’m glad to be back and am looking forward to the coming months on Hungry Digital Zombies.


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