Audiences and Their Places

Considering what my media place is, I decided to look outside the box. Doing so, I realised that, to me, media place extends to more than just the internet where I spend approximately fifty percent of my time, its also my bedroom where I watch television and movies as well as play video games and music and even as far as the conventions I go to to share my interests in pop culture.

The Dwelling

When I think about my media place, I think about my room. It’s nothing special but it’s where I’ve spent hours on end binging on tv shows, movies and web surfing.

Media Place


Ground floor of Supanova 2012

Somewhere in that crowd is a younger me, dressed as Pirate Hunter Zoro from One Piece.

A huge physical and geographical aspect of the tv shows, movies, music and anime I watch are the conventions where people of many different fanbases get together to converse, share and consume (media and overpriced food). In more extreme cases like San Diego ComicCon, the convention can directly affect a tv program or movie.


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