Media These Days…

This week I was tasked with talking to someone older than me about their early experiences of television, Unfortunately, my mother lived in a part of Asia that did not have television till recently and so I had to primarily interview my father.

It was a luxury

Ray (My dad): “As a kid I watched cartoons, like the older cartoons, Tom and Jerry. It was a thing we only watched in the evening, sometimes during the weekend we’d watch it in the morning.”

Talking to my dad, he explained how television was a small luxury that he could only experience sometimes. He specifically mentioned that today you can turn on your tv and have it on all day and there’d be no issues, ” It’s not like it is today where you can turn the tv on and watch it all day”, but when he was a child there wouldn’t be enough programming to watch all day and tv was not allowed on when guests were over, ” When guests were over TV stayed off there was only one in the lounge room.”

The Shows He Watched

My dad specifically mentioned classic Australian shows such as Skippy the Bush Kangaroo and The Sullivans but also Tom and Jerry.

“I remember watching Skippy the bush kangaroo. I watched tv with my sister just after dinner for a bit.”

Classic Australian children’s program, Skippy the Bush Kangaroo
An Australian drama series, The Sullivans
Early Tom and Jerry


It’s Different Now

My dad also mentioned that “We (him and his sister) couldn’t watch anything risque”. But what’s considered acceptable on tv has changed, it’s simultaneously become more politically correct but more ‘risque’. In Australia, between the hours of 9:30pm and 5am, AV15+ and MA15+ programs and films can be shown, these ratings are given for excessive violence and sex scenes.

Tv appears to have evolved to a more, everyday, household appliance that’s passively integrated into our lives. This way we receive news faster and faster streams of entertainment but we’re also forced to wonder what social implications modern tv has.


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