Anywhere Can Be Public

In today’s information age where everyone has a portable device and every portable device has a camera and images taken by those cameras can be uploaded to the internet for anyone to view, any space has the potential to be globally public. The general consensus of what a public space is involves physical openness as seen in the American Planning Association’s list of what’s considered ‘public space’, and accessibility by anyone of all cultures, gender and age. On the other hand, what’s considered private space is little more obscure. Legally, it would refer to space owned by a particular person that is not accessible by the general public. This is where mobile devices come in.

Public Place Can Be A World Stage 

The above video is of a Broadway cast singing ‘The Circle of Life’ recorded on multiple mobile devices and uploaded to Youtube. At the time of this blog post, the video has received almost eight million views from around the world. This video illustrates how people who thought they were being somewhat private (keeping to themselves) in a public space and suddenly they’re more public than they could imagine. All over the web there are numerous videos, vines, photos and gifs of public or private spaces that have become somewhat openly accessible by anyone on the web, whether the people in them want to or not.

Twitter Is a Private To Public Converter

One of the most common applications on mobile devices is twitter. Twitter allows users to post micro posts of 140 characters and over time it’s developed into a place where people share thoughts, images of food and things they’ve done. This system serves as a platform for making private interactions, public. The portability of modern mobile devices and the new dynamic of being ‘always connected’ means that at any point we can turn any private interaction, place or object into a public artifact for anyone to freely access.


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