The Inner Workings of Hungry Digital Zombies

Over the period of BCM240, I have curated the blog “Hungry Digital Zombies”, in the last nine weeks it has received various minor alterations as well as a major visual redesign but I have consistently stuck to the aim of writing posts that can be read by anyone interested in media and communication with relative ease as seen in the tagline “A communication and media blog for the digital zombie in all of us”. Each post is a response to that weeks topic of a specific subject, in each post I try to address an issue, explore its implications and look at responses to the issue all while attempting to foster audience participation. When designing and later on maintaining the blog, I focused on aspects such as the format and language of each post, the visual design of the blog and audience participation, in such a way that the blog would be simple and streamlined almost to a minimalist level to allow for quick access and reading.

 The Writing’s on The Wall

As previously mentioned, posts in Hungry Digital Zombies are responses to weekly topics that attempt to address an issue in relation to the topic. Each post is written to maintain a pseudo casual atmosphere while being objective unless specifically expressing an opinion. I tried to reference and source as often as I could to a variety of sources for a few reasons. References and sources not only bolstered reliability but also linked readers to further readings, I tried to pick a variety of types of sources such as newspaper articles, academic articles and videos to avoid each post being just a block of writing. The use of headings further pushes ease of readability and has been noted by readers as being a great aspect that they do appreciate.

 Look At It

Research showed that the colours red, black and white in conjunction are often related with professionalism, I chose these colours for almost every visual aspect of Hungry Digital Zombies to keep a professional, reliable look about my blog. The header picture of each post serves as an eye catcher as well as aids readers in scanning for posts they are looking for or are interested in as opposed to menus and the twitter feed being a much shorter fraction of the screen to focus on the content of the post. The size and font of the writing in each post is chosen to be clear and again aids readers in scanning for specific information. When designing Hungry Digital Zombies I noted that people online often have shorter attention spans, don’t have the time to read articles in depth or are multitasking and may be distracted, to address this, I specifically designed my blog to be eye catching and streamlined for readers ease.

 We’ll Do It Together

From the beginning Hungry Digital Zombies has been linked to my twitter account @RalphiePeerless where I share articles relating to digital media and communication, this is mostly due to other university assignments but I do retweet interesting information from Youtubers, game developers and leaders in the tech industry. This integration with twitter allows for two way interaction with readers and among them outside of the comments box of each post. In the last few weeks (and a couple of other times in the past) I have encouraged readers to respond in an attempt to generate discussion around the blog for audience participation and blog publicity.

 It’s a Utopian Future

Hungry Digital Zombies has experienced steady growth in followers since its debut although nothing significant. Feedback has shown that the layout is appealing and that the content is easy to read as well as informative but in the future I would like to develop consistency in the regularity of posts. Audience participation has shown minimal results (Which is expected with the size and type of readership) although I may continue the weekly questions and encouraging people to reach out to me and other readers as well as tweeting on a regular basis. On a larger scale I would like to work with other bloggers to create a network in order to more deeply explore topics and possibly follow news stories.

 We’re Not There Yet

Overall I see Hungry Digital Zombies as the fully realised blog I wanted it to be. As the tag line reads “A communication and media blog for the digital zombie in all of us”, this statement identifies that this blog is solely focused on ideas in media and communication, and that it’s tailored for a wide range of audiences. Hungry digital Zombies effectively works for audiences by allowing for easy accessibility and readability. At this point, HDZ is far from complete and will most likely undergo many more evolutions all for the better.


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