Space: The Final Frontier

This week I was asked to come up with some game concepts and break it down into a process of beginning, progressing and ending. In response to this I came up with two games.


The First Game

The first game (not shown in the above image) involves players picking one other player secretly, then, at once all players reveal who they picked. If two players have picked each other then they do not receive a point this round. Everyone else receives a point. . After 15 rounds the player with the most points wins.This game has no physical space, the interactivity exists within each players mind as they try and anticipate other players strategy.

The Second Game

The second game, again, does not have a physical play space but instead exists as dialogue and mental strategy. The game starts with a number of players agreeing on a topic, such as movies or tv shows or even songs or books. At the beginning of each round, the leader (which rotates every round) picks something from the agreed topic. For example the topic could be movies so the leader could pick The Usual Suspects. If the player has seen the movie then there goal is to let the leader know by describing it in one word. If the player has not seen the movie, their goal is to mislead everyone into thinking they have seen it by choosing a word that might describe the movie.


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